MicroSeal of Denver - Permanent Stain and Sun Fade Fabric Protection
Permanent Stain and
Sun Fade Protection
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  1. Penetrates complete fiber and will survive many professional cleanings and normal wear.

  2. Reduces sunfading by nearly 100% on most fabrics.

  3. Has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories from around the world.

  4. Reduces smoke density.

  5. Reduces flame spread.

  6. Is Colorfast - has no effect on color or texture of treated fabrics.

  7. Is mildew and static electricity resistant.

  8. Only attaches to fibers and will not seal in anything non-fibrous, so fabric / carpet does not have to be clean before application.

  9. Does not damage woodwork, metal paint or glass. Safe and easy to use.

  10. Can be used on any material with a fibrous nature including suedes and smooth finished leather.

  11. Is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

MicroSeal can be applied to:

The Bead Test Comparison

A simple bead test of a coater (fluorochems or PTFE Resin) vs. MicroSeal (a penetrator) will sometimes result in the "apparent superiority of the coater." This is because the coater will cover more of the space between the fibers while MicroSeal will penetrate and seal the individual fibers. Further testing simulating wear (manipulating the fabric, rubbing it, cleaning it, etc.) will result in the coater quickly breaking up and permanent stains on the fibers occurring thereafter. Even ordinary dirt can be difficult to vacuum because the broken coater material "hangs on" to the dirt. The MicroSeal will not break up, wear off, or clean off and will continue to protect the fibers from permanent stains and sun fading for many years.

We also offer MicroSeal-FR (Flame Retardant)

MicroSeal-FR is a Class A, durable, non-toxic, non-allergenic fire retardant chemical coating which is carried in an aguenous (water) solution. When completely dried and cured, it is both odorless and colorless and is visible only under a long wave ultra violet light. When applied and cured for 48 hours, it will resist flame under the most adverse conditions. MicroSeal-FR can be applied to a wide variety of items, including carpeting, bedding, mattresses, upholstery, draperies, paper, and lumber. This product meets or exceeds the criteria for a Class A rating on most materials.

What is a Class A fire retardant?

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are two nationally recognized organizations, which have developed tests setting standards of flammability. On a scale of 0-200 (least to most), only those materials with a flame spread of under 25 qualify as Class A Fire Retardants. How does it work? Fire spreads as the temperature of the heat source rises to the point of ignition. Initially, the spread is restricted to items in direct contact with the flame. However, when the temperature reaches 1400 degrees, all combustibles and gases ignite in a phenomenon called Flashover. Flashovers can occur in less than 3 minutes. By significantly increasing the ignition point of combustible items, it drastically decreases the danger of fire.

How is MicroSeal-FR different from other flame proofing products?

MicroSeal-FR can treat both natural and synthetic materials. The product is UV stable and has been demonstrated to significantly inhibit sun fading and sun rot relative to other flame retardants. It dries to an invisible durable protective shield with no residue or rings to change the esthetics of treated Items. When dry, it is non corrosive to metal.

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